3rd Party Scripts and your Responsibility

If you install any script via your control panel (via Fantastico/CGI Scripts), or from any other source, you are directly responsible for maintaining such scripts.

This includes applying necessary patches/upgrades to remove any vulnerabilities/security issues in good time.

We reserve the right to remove and/or disable any account, without notification, where vulnerable/insecure scripts are found to be in use.

You can easily check the scripts you are using for vulnerabilities here:

Please note the the following scripts are strictly prohibited:

    phpSitemapNG (http://enarion.net/google/phpsitemapng)
    UltimateBBS / UBB
    All versions of YABB forum
    Anonymizer and all other Proxy scripts
    IRC scripts
    Chat rooms
    phpShell and all other command execution scripts
    Webmail and eGallery modules of PHP-Nuke
    'Matts' FormMail

Also, please ensure you are aware of our policy regarding Mailing lists

Fantastico (Designer accounts)
When a script is installed via cPanel/Fantastico, this does the initial install but does not do anything with regard to upgrades. When an upgrade is available, you must login to the cPanel and carry out the upgrade via Fantastico (a few mouse clicks and easy to see which need upgrading). With many upgrades being of a critical security nature, it is important that clients are kept aware of this.

It should be noted that the security and maintenance of scripts in user accounts remain the responsibility of the client along with any problems born from not keeping them up to date and secure such as account compromises, large bandwidth bills from misuse (eg. allowing a third party to upload illegal files and others to download them), etc.

Chat Scripts
Please check our terms and conditions before installing any chat scripts.

General script security
AS always, clients must remain responsible for their own scripts which includes custom made scripts. Clients are expected to be aware of security issues and ensure that scripts are programmed with security in mind as well as general security practice such as setting permissions on files/dirs appropriately. With our servers providing a high uptime and stable hosting environment for many others, it would be appreciated if anyone learning programming or testing things out with regard to scripts could do this on their own computer so not to cause problems for other clients.

Resources for setting up PHP and MySQL on your own computer can be seen here:


If any client uploads insecure script (knowingly or unknowingly) which allow for abuse on our server (by third party or otherwise) we cannot be held responsible for file deletions, account compromise, account suspensions, bandwidth overages and anything else caused by the insecure script on the account in question.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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