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This is applicable to all clients operating email mailing lists on our Designer accounts, resellers please relay this message to your own clients.

For the purpose of this announcement, a "mailing list" is defined as sending an identical email to a batch of email addresses either via a specific mailing list application (e.g. DadaMail), other online application (e.g. forum script), Outlook/home computer email software (e.g. putting multiple addresses in the To: field), or similar.   A common use for mailing lists is to keep customers informed of new products, registered website users informed of new website features, and things of this nature.

As most already know, we permit the use of mailing lists on our servers but have a number of guidelines with regard to the content of such mailings, unsubscribe process, etc.   We have never imposed hard limits on the number of emails sent and intend to keep things this way.

This announcement is to inform all clients that what used to be our guidelines on mailing lists are now our rules on using them and all mailing list administrators are asked to follow them.

This change is because a proportion of list administrators do not appear to be following our previous guidelines and as a result we have been seeing an increase in email blacklist issues on a few servers which causes problems for everyone on that server.  Blacklists can be a nightmare to get off and thankfully, we rarely have problems.   However, with the use of mailing lists that don't abide by our guidelines we are seeing an increase in this.

Anyone who operates a mailing list via our server should read this document (operating a Mailing List) and ensure that all future mailings comply with the points raised:

We will soon begin enforcing the points in the FAQ article above to ensure that all mailing lists in operation on our server comply. Those who do not or will not make the changes highlighted in the article above will be asked to change their mailing list behaviour or use another provider for their mailings (we recommend seeking a specific mailing list provider who's services are geared towards this service).

Please also remember that if you use 3rd-party-scripts, then it is your responsibility to ensure these are kept up to date.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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