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Seiretto client area and renewals - planned maintenance:

       There is currently no planned maintenance.

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Current System Status

       All systems are operating normally.

Planned System Maintenance

              There is currently no planned maintenance.

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Current System Status

Mail delivery issues

10:50 31/03/2020

We have been made aware of email connectivity issues with some customers across our mail platform, we are currently investigating links between this and problems with certain Internet service providers.

We apologise for any inconvience caused.

Update 11:03 -

We have also been made aware that this is also affecting websites / connectivity to webservers with certain Internet service providers.

Planned System Maintenance

Managed VPS - PHP 7.1 removal

10:00 06/04/2020

On 06/04/20 we will begin to remove PHP 7.1 from our Managed VPS platform.

Any subscriptions using PHP 7.1 should be updated before this date to avoid downtime.

Please refer to the email sent for specific instructions on how to do this.


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