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Nov 2008

PHP skills: demand is increasingPHP

The increase in demand for PHP skills mirrors the increase in popularity of open source and the resulting reduced costs puts licensed software such as Microsoft in the shade. One of the closest competitors to PHP is ASP (and .NET) which has shown only a small increase in demand.

Its easy to see why during this down-turn fewer funds are available to pay for expensive licensing of software from vendors like Microsoft.  So increasingly new ventures are being built using open source software.  This is great news for the future of PHP.

The demand for PHP skills is growing according to itjobswatch.co.uk, and in the last 12 months has shown a marked increase. The same website report good increases in salary trends during the third quarter of 2008.

The increased demand for PHP is not just reported on a single site, indeed.com report a similar growth in demand (compare the upward trend of PHP with the flat demand for ASP). The freelance site odesk.com also mirror this trend showing the demand for PHP to be 400% higher than ASP.

The future is looking good for PHP. Due to the high demand, the availability of developers will increase which in turn will protect the future expansion and further development of online projects built using PHP.

If this trend continues Microsoft's products could be heading for the grave yard!


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