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skills demand phpAug 2009

PHP 2009 Quarter 2 - demand outstripping all other programming languages


The demand for PHP skills is continuing to be good, and is now higher than all other programming languages according to data compiled by ComputerWeekly.

PHP is enjoying a 17% increase in demand from the same time last year, compare that to the demand for J2EE or C++ which has dropped over 50%, .NET down by 44% and ASP fell 37% (see positions on the right - source computerweekly.com). The only other skill bucking the trend is AJAX with a positive 28% increase.

AJAX is used to communicate from the client-side to server-side and today it is almost always used in conjunction with PHP, so its not hard to see why both these technologies are continuing to rise. Any JavaScript developer can start using AJAX with little or no extra knowledge, and the first quarter showed a rise of 7% see below:

PHP demand Q1 2009



Become a PHP developer - the future IS bright. Try the basic tutorials at php.thedemosite.co.uk and php.net/tut.php. Need hosting? Try here for dependable business PHP hosting.

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