April 2020 Newsletter from Seiretto Ltd

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This month we offer something for you to work on, an opportunity to win a Premier hosting account and a new .co.uk domain name (all to include one year hosting and domain registration for one year), read below for more details...

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  - During Covid-19
 - Win a new hosting account and .co.uk domain name

During Covid-19
During Covid-19 we do not currently expect any interruption to your service, and the support helpdesk is manned as normal.

We have confirmed with upstream providers that they have contingency plans in place and there will be no, or little, service impact.  While the health implications of Covid-19 are the greatest concern for everyone, from a business perspective we are lucky as we can adjust to changes such as remote working fairly easily without major impact on the business and our service levels.

Our thoughts at this time are with anyone personally affected by this virus along with our clients with businesses unable to go 100% online.   We are here now and will always be here if you need any help or advice about your email or hosting service during this time.  Please reach out to us if you need anything.

Win a new hosting account and .co.uk domain name

Submit the outline of your potential new online business idea and we will give away to TWO lucky winners a new hosting and domain name.  So there are two chances of winning.

Maybe its something new you have been considering, or something which has been on your mind for a long time?  We are hoping this will give you the impetus to give it a go!  Obviously do not give away any potential business secrets but outline the business so we have a good idea of what you intend to do.

You could win a Premier hosting account:
and a new .co.uk domain name (all free for one year).

*Open to existing clients only; once the first year has passed you have the option to renew, downgrade, or upgrade the Premier account.

eply to this newsletter with your new proposed business before 1st May 2020...


Thank you for reading, please let us know if you have any queries or questions?

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