February 2020 Newsletter from Seiretto Ltd

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  - Registering a new .AC.UK domain name
  - Machine learning not so infallible
  - This MUST be against GDPR - what are we doing?

Registering a new .AC.UK domain name

If you order a NEW .AC.UK domain for your department this month there is a massive reduction on the initial registration application charge (normally 140, this month only 40).

For new ac.uk domains an application must be submitted, the initial registration charge covers this part of the application.  Once successful payment is then due for the new domain to be registered for 2 years.  The registration prices can be found here: http://www.seiretto.com/domains/prices/#acuk

The benefits of a .ac.uk domain are internationally recognised: for education establishments the trust and credibility can not be matched by any other domain extension.  Read why you should choose a .ac.uk domain name:http://achost.co.uk/ac-uk-trusted-domains/

To order login: https://seiretto.co.uk/clients/

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Contact us for more details on how to register your first .AC.UK domain name:

Machine learning not so infallible

Recent research has found the algorithms from Deepmind, which are used in many machine learning systems, can be open to data poisoning attacks and Trojans.  These attacks can be made using tiny changes to the data.
Interestingly Deepmind have declined to comment!

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This MUST be against GDPR - what are we doing?

You must have heard about Clearview by now, but have they considered the implications as far as GDPR?  Their practices do not seem legitimate, and where is the morality too.  Scraping images from every website from Facebook to Twitter surely has legal implications that go beyond GDPR.

Add to this the fact that machine learning systems are fallible to attacks and trojans (see above) makes Clearview offerings questionable, but never mind the FBI and other law enforcement departments are literally buying it.

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