January 2020 Newsletter from Seiretto Ltd

Good Morning!

We are now in 2020, and Seiretto is 24 years old this May. 

Lets hope this year we have a more settled time for business, and we leave the uncertainty behind.  Since the idea of Brexit was born the last few years have been very bad for business, and not just ours.  We know from a number of our clients that things have been difficult, we have assisted where we can and hope to assist all our clients in the future, both whether we are in or out of the EU!

In this newsletter:
  - Marketing - conversion rates of Facebook and Google Ads
  - .GOV.UK domain name - move to us and manage your own DNS

Marketing - conversion rates of Facebook and Google Ads
Last month a tech firm went bust after spending big on Facebook and Google ads - you do not and will not get the return you hope for from these methods.

Spending on these online Goliaths then sitting back thinking the customers will roll in is simply wrong.  We tried and carefully tracked these methods from both companies many years ago and found the real actual click-throughs are very poor quality (conversion rates are almost none existent).  Add into the mix click fraud and you find you are just wasting your marketing budget.  Consider the possibility of thousands of workers employed to click on your ads located in far off lands (India, China, Indonesia, etc), they have no interest in your business but will target your high value ads.

You think the Goliaths would be able to stop click-fraud, and I am sure they could, but they have NO incentive to do so - the more the fraudsters make the more they make.

Read more on the tech firm who went bust:

.GOV.UK domain name - move to us and manage your own DNS
If you need unfettered access to your own DNS for your .gov.uk domain then transfer your domain to us.

The DNS hosting we provide is free of charge for your .gov.uk or .ac.uk domain names. Our DNS hosting empowers you so you have full control of your domain enabling you to modify your dns records at any time of the day, or night, from any location, using our secure control panels.

Many of our public sector clients state that they use our DNS hosting service as it is so cost effective, and enables them to take control of their own domain, and make DNS additions/amendments anytime.

In addition, they also appreciate the support given whilst making DNS changes.

You can review our DNS hosting options for all .GOV.UK domains here:


Thank you for reading, please let us know if you have any queries or questions?

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