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- Privacy - anyone recall what that was?
- Parish Council? Why you need a new .GOV.UK domain name:  TRUST.

Privacy - anyone recall what that was?

An app is constantly being proposed for your phone to track you, just like China has.  Thinking of leaving your phone at home?  Think again, it could be made illegal not to have your mobile with you.

This is an emergency so the Government will get it through - this is how Governments all over the World use such times to take control and take away privacy:

Such measures get added to law in times of emergency, with little or no debate, then never removed, only to be enhanced by government for the government.  Income tax is a good example, which was temporarily introduced, but as we all know this has been massively expanded and ramped up (

More on this from Schneier:

Parish Council? Why you need a new .GOV.UK domain name:  TRUST.

TRUST!  If you receive an email from somewhere other than a address then there is little if no trust in the sender.  However, receive an email from say the clerk at your Parish (eg. and this evokes trust and adds credibility to the content.

Let us register a domain name for your Parish.  Registering a new domain can be a tedious and lengthy task.  Let us take away that job for you, we can secure a new domain name for your Parish Council.  This is the time to get your council using a domain that proves your authority and distinction.  Ensuring you select the correct name for your new domain name can make all the difference in quickly securing the new name.

Find out how to choose your new domain name here:

This month we are offering a discount on new domains for Parish Councils, contact us for full details:


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