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Taking payments online via credit cards - should you accept payments online?

If a credit card is used fraudulently (stolen card details used) who has to bare the cost?

  • The hugely profitable credit card companies? 
  • Or the Banks? 
  • Or you the online store owner?

Unfortunately its the latter.  Therefore its imperative that you, the shopping site owner, ensure every order you receive is legitimate and that valid details have been used.

Using WorldPay to process your online payments you can check the customer has submitted real details prior to completing the transaction.   For instance checking the new customers IP address (WorldPay provide the buyers IP address), try NeoTrace from: NeotraceExpressLink opens in a NEW window or check the postcode of the new customer at: www.ultimap.co.ukLink opens in a NEW window and if you still have the slightest unease with the order ring them.

We provide more details here: http://oscart.seiretto.com
and you can read more on how to protect your online business here.

And good news for online shopping, its set to rise.

"...online shopping in the UK will be worth almost 2bn per month by the end of the year, representing seven per cent of all retail sales." (source: www.imrg.org  - year 2003). 

Credit Cards are to become more secure (AT LAST!)

Testing is being carried out in the UK of the new PIN number for use with credit cards, and when fully implemented should show a marked decrease in the fraudulent use of stolen credit cards.  When this type of system was implemented in France ten years ago financial losses from credit card transactions dropped by 50% and incidents dropped by a massive 78% (source: Visa Fraud Sources 1993). 

Ecommerce enable your web site now using osCommerce, easily integrated with WorldPay.   For more details see: http://oscart.seiretto.com

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