Free hosts

There are a rapidly growing number of free hosts available.  The following is offered as a guide to the reliability and available features on each free host.

( *****) excellent; has many features that actually are useful and are very reliable.
(****) very good; has some features that actually are useful and are reliable.
(***) good; has few features that actually are useful and are not too reliable.
(**) poor, not very reliable.


Free 10mb of space - only for business pages.  Fast and has loads of free extras.  This company will host your top level domain (.com or .org or .net) for free.  You do have to carry their banners, as with all the free hosts.


FREE 2mb of space. Do read the small print.  Don't become too reliant upon free hosts, as when your site becomes too popular they will remove your pages. Although, this is great for new webmasters who are just starting out (this is geared to personal web pages).

(****) almost the same as the above, but allows for business pages.


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