Choosing a host

Why get online in the first place? UK business?  Then you need UK web hosting, read why here!

Don't get left behind, we can help get a web site online for your company within hours.  Whether you choose to use a free host or to host with us we can offer you free advice via email - feel free to Contact Us .  Please ensure you check out the TIPS for choosing a server at the end of this page before making any decisions.  Our pricing and other details for hosting services can be found here.

Free hosts have become very good in recent years and are a viable means to get your company online (in some cases, as with HyperMart, using your own domain name).  Register your company name .com before its too late (we offer great reductions on domain names when hosting with us).

There are many considerations before making the decision to use a free host.  The following is offered to you as a guide to help you choose a free host or to pay for a host. 

Reasons why you might choose to use a free host:
  1.  Your budget is not yet high enough to fund a fully featured web site.
  2.  The inclusion of THEIR banners on your pages is not a problem.
          (click here for an example of a site that carries banners)
3.  You do not need fast technical support.
        (you will NOT get rapid technical support from a free host).

Reasons why you might choose to pay to host your site:
  1.  You need your own email addresses (eg. [email protected]).
  2.  You need complete control over your email. 
  3.  You need email auto responders.
           (An email box that automatically replies with a customised email message to each email received).
4.  You need to put a database online.
  5.  You do not want to carry other companies banners on your web site and not get paid for it.
  6.  You need fast and efficient technical support.
  7.  Only the paid for host has the functional requirements you need.

Rent space or buy your own Server!


Its unlikely you would be reading this if you already have your own server.  The costs involved in owning your own server are extreme.

However, for someone who is just starting to build a web site there is an alternative - use space on a free host. Your login name becomes part of the URL,  e.g. If your login name was 'TEST' and the provider was '' then, your root directory would be '' or ''

This is fine if you want a cheap means of getting onto the net and don't intend to promote your business name.  To promote your own business name you need to register the domain name and host it with a reliable host, check here for the latest prices , or if you are considering hosting your site for free check the free host info.

TIPS - For choosing a HOST

  • The space you will require will depend upon your content - keep your images small and reduce the resolution. You can build quite a large site with 50mb of space.
  • Make sure they give you access to your log files, either raw or formatted
  • Look out for info on how many bytes you are allowed to transfer and how many hits you are allowed per month.  If you exceed the maximum transfer allowed it can be very expensive.
    As a rough guide you can assume the following for an average web site:

Bandwidth useage per Hit examples:

Mbytes transfered

Number of Hits


1.5 million


73 thousand


29 thousand

These figures were compiled from three of our hosted sites.

    As shown above, you will have a very busy site when the data transfer per month is over 500 Mbytes.  If a new site achieves over 50 thousand hits per month in its first year online then it can be considered successful and will only achieve this level through either aggressive marketing or supplying something that is not available from elsewhere.

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