Unmanaged Hybrid Servers with no limit on bandwidth

 UK Unmanaged Hybrid Servers

You manage the software we manage the hardware

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Hybrid6 Server
6 vCPUs, 20GB RAM, 1 TB space (using RAID 1 via 2 TB disc mirroring)
no limit on bandwidth


Hybrid12 Server
12 vCPUs, 28GB RAM, 1 TB space (using RAID 1 via 2 TB disc mirroring)
no limit on bandwidth

Hybrid18 Server
18 vCPUs, 32GB RAM, 2 TB space (using RAID 5 via 3 TB disc mirroring)
no limit on bandwidth


Contract: initially 6 months, then 30 days notice to cancel - following the initial 6 months renewal can be each month, quarterly or annually.


unmanaged-Hybrid Server-virtual-private-servers




Hybrid Server - guarantee

Operating systems available are:

  • CentOS or Ubuntu (no additional cost), or
  • Windows Server (additional cost, see below).

Self manage your Hybrid Server using the management control panel to:

  • check the status
  • change or view the administrator password
  • reboot/rebuild the server
  • view statistics
  • and check server details

Whats included with each server:

  • easy upgrade route - upgrade at anytime without loss of service any of the Additional options (excluding os and cpanel/plesk)
  • 2 ip addresses
  • 100 Mbps data pipe - this is your dedicated connection to the Internet
For further enquires please contact us.

Hybrid Server Additional Options (per month)

cpanel/plesk poa

Windows Server 


Backup - can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly, or on demand
(backup to an additional disc stored off-server - same datacentre)

Hybrid Server hardware
Hybrid Server hardwareAll the Hybrid Servers use the latest Intel and Dell hardware which is optimised for the virtual hybrid environment.

UNMANAGED Hybrid Server:

we manage all hardware for you, NO software is managed by us, you are responsible for the application of patches and upgrades to the os and all other applications from PHP to Apache.

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