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- From us?  Emails from us will always follow the format...
- Registering a new .GOV.UK domain name - Parish Councils
- Are you giving away your login details?

From us?  Emails from us will always follow the format...

Please get to know the format we use to send emails so you can protect yourself against spam/scammers/domain hijacking emails.

There are an increasing number of emails being sent direct to the contacts of domain names which attempt to hijack your domain name, stating your domain will expire unless you take action. If renewed with one of these companies (who are most often located overseas) they charge a premium to renew then lock-in the domain.
There are many other types of hijack/extortion emails going around ranging from SEO to web hosting renewals.
So please TAKE CARE!

If you receive one of these emails and are not sure please contact us to check and we can lookup your domain and let you know the real expiry date and any other details you may need to know. Also, please remember when we send you an automated reminder the real email subject will have:


Or helpdesk emails take the format of:


Please note that when you submit a helpdesk request you will initially receive an automated response instantly informing you of the SUPPORT-NUMBER which will be unique to you and the request submitted.

Registering a new .GOV.UK domain name - Parish Councils

The use of a .GOV.UK domain proves the authority and distinction your Parish Council deserves. 

The format for registering a new domain for Parish Councils is:
and ensuring you select the correct name for your new domain name will make all the difference in quickly securing the new name.

Find further details on how to choose your new domain name here:

For full details on how to register a new domain contact us now: 

Are you giving away your login details?

If you use the web browser Firefox then you might be unwittingly leaving your login details open to view by anyone able to use your laptop or phone!

Try this - type this in the address bar of Firefox:


and you will see the usernames and passwords for saved websites - now passwords are shown in clear text too (we were unable to find out when the passwords were first made visible).  So this gives anyone with access to your machine your full login details to any saved websites.  This is a major security risk if your laptop or phone is stolen.

This does not affect the web browser Edge, other browsers could be affected...


Thank you for reading, please let us know if you have any queries or questions?

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