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- Software compromised at source!
- GDPR is about to be degraded in favour of profit.


Software compromised at source!

Software is being compromised at source alarmingly easily via several different methods, all of which make it difficult, if not impossible, for the end user to identify the compromised code.

If you are responsible for finding and updating any type of software then be aware and read the details here:


GDPR is about to be degraded in favour of profit.

GDPR was all about protection of your data, your personal data.  However, it seems the EU are now out to monitize that personal data which will only benefit the BIG players: Data brokers.  In the USA it has been happening for many years; we are all aware of the same pattern of events with Amazon Echo, and more recently Google: Oh sorry we recorded your data (

Personal data: just what does that now include?  It can and does include:

*currently not part of the definition of Personal Data as defined by most countries and the EU ( yet is sold worldwide.

In the decades to come the only item a person may have of value could well be their personal data, yet today we are giving it away, and blatantly allowing data brokers to mine this valuable asset almost for free.  It all happens seamlessly via the mass conduits like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

The new EU proposal could mean that trusts will be setup with millions of citizens in each data source being sold for profit.  No act of monetary return for the individuals!  Just because we are out of the EU does not mean we will not be included, you can be sure your government will be happy to give away your assets for a short-term gain.  Its already happening in America:

We seem to be sleep walking into a dangerous new era on The Internet.

Read more:


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