Feb 2021 Newsletter from Seiretto Ltd

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In this newsletter:
 - How to transfer a .GOV.UK domain name to us 
 - Backups - keep your data secure and legal
 - Ransomware is now BIG business

- How to transfer a .GOV.UK domain name to us
The transfer of a .gov.uk domain is more complex and time consuming than your standard .com or .co.uk domain. There are more processes to go through and more stringent checks along the way, as you might expect.

However, if done correctly it can be completed within a few days without downtime.

We show you how to setup and test your dns/website/email before moving your domain name to our servers, which means if you have completed the tests correctly then there will be no downtime. Find out more: http://www.seiretto.com/domains/how-to-transfer-.gov.uk-domain-names.php  

Do you have a question on transfers in of .gov.uk domains, contact us now: https://www.seiretto.co.uk/contactus/

Ransomware is now BIG business
Requested amounts from Ransomware has grown 4000% since 2018, making it now BIG business.

How do you protect your computer, your data and your company from threats from Ransomware?  Simple, BACKUP, see item below.

Read more on how Ransomware is evolving:

Backups - keep your data secure and legal
A reminder for maintaining your own independent backup which is essential for your own data security. You will find full details on how to backup all types of our hosting accounts here: http://www.seiretto.com/newsletters/backups.php 
and the backup/view of DNS is available for all hosted/managed domains.

All your personal data held in our live databases is encrypted, from your email address to passwords, and data we hold remotely about our clients (personal data) is encrypted using the latest and strongest encryption methods, this ensures we use our best endeavours to keep your data safe and secure.

Please ensure you backup regularly and maintain a safe copy, which must be kept secure - better to be encrypted - as per the GDPR guidelines:

Far better to backup and test those backups/restores rather than be in a situation like this:


Thank you for reading, please let us know if you have any queries or questions?

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