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 - Did you ever feel you were being manipulated online?
 - How to register a new .AC.UK domain name
 - Google is probably slurping your mobile data

Did you ever feel you were being manipulated online?
Suppose this is like when you have the feeling you are bing watched, then probably you are.

We are being manipuated online, and in so many differing ways, made far easier today as we are spending upwards of 8 hours everyday online. 

It has become easy for technology to attempt to detect and/or change your mood, and to persuade. 

All these things go towards controlling our free will, read more:

How to register a new .AC.UK domain name
Register a new ac.uk domain with us -
for new ac.uk domains an application must be submitted, the initial registration charge covers this part of the application.  Once successful payment is then due for the new domain to be registered for 2 years.  The registration prices can be found here: http://www.seiretto.com/domains/prices/#acuk

Benefits of a .AC.UK domain name are internationally recognised: for education establishments the trust and credibility can not be matched by any other domain extension.  Read why you should choose a .ac.uk domain name: http://achost.co.uk/ac-uk-trusted-domains/
To order login: https://seiretto.co.uk/clients/

New to Seiretto?
Contact us for more details on how to register your first .AC.UK domain name:

Google is probably slurping your mobile data
Ever wondered how your mobile data drains so quickly, then Google maybe to blame.

Each month they are taking 350MB of our data each month:

We are all paying for this: the loss of our valuable personal data, along with our privacy.

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