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 - We are 25 years old this month.
 - Previously issued invoices now available online
 - Wait, this might take off, or it might not.  All due to weight!

We are 25 years old this month.
We are still here and thriving having grown, and still growing, the number of government and academic domains we host and manage.

All those years ago, before Google even existed, then the search space was dominated by Altavista, Hotbot, Lycos, Excite, (anyone else remember all those) and Yahoo (at that time they sent us the most new business out of all the directories and search engines, thanks Yahoo!). 

Over 2 decades ago The Internet was a far more free and evolving place to be, unlike today where big business has moved in demanding profits above anything else, even at the cost of all our long term privacy online.  It was a very different time where adverts were obvious and our privacy was not invaded at every click by the online data brokers.

Lets hope Seiretto will be here to help protect and keep secure your Business, Council, or University for another 25 years. 
Not sure I will be here to see it though!  Dave Walker, director and founder.


Previously issued invoices now available online
You can now retrieve an overview of invoices previously issued for all your web hosting accounts from within your client area.

To view login: 
then click the invoices link top right under the whats new section.

Wait, this might take off, or it might not.  All due to weight!
This would be funny if it was not serious.  Some TUI flights had incorrect flight loads where several adults (69kg average weight used) are/were being counted as children (35kg) where the title given was MISS.  This could mean a flight might never get off the ground due to the miscalculated under weight.

This is poor programming again, and such errors should be found during testing. 

What exacerbates the issue is the obvious erroneous data used: the average weight of an adult 69kg, which now must be way too low for the UK and USA!

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