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 - Covid test?  Where did your DNA end up?
 - DDOS attacks increasing to mega levels
 - How to register a new .GOV.UK domain name - procedures


Covid test?  Where did your DNA end up?
Pay for a test and you DO NOT expect to have your DNA sold on for additional profit!  But this is exactly what has been happening with some third party companies:


DDOS attacks increasing to mega levels - highest ever
Sustaining a DDOS attack is no simple task but illegal hackers are now able to fire billions of requests at sites crippling any large organisation whatever system they are using.

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The risks are high especially when you couple this with the warning from the US about potential cyber attacks from Russia:

How to register a new .GOV.UK domain name - procedures
It is now imperative to use a .GOV.UK domain for Councils and government departments as this proves authority and shows distinction.  To register your new domain you must follow the correct procedures. We help you select the correct name for your new domain name which will make all the difference in quickly securing the new GOV.UK domain name, and we can assist and guide you along the way.

Find further details on how to choose your new gov.uk domain name here:

For full details on how to register a new .gov.uk domain contact us now: https://www.seiretto.co.uk/contactus/ 


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