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Good Morning!

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 - Happy New Year
 - What a Year 2021 was for The Internet

Happy New Year

Lets hope its a good one. Are we over COVID? Maybe not, but lets hope we are over the worst.

This year we will be offering discounts on NEW .ac.uk and .gov.uk domain registrations, over the last 20 years we have helped many government and universities gain new domains and we will be pushing this forward.

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What a Year 2021 was for The Internet
This year it will be 26 years since Seiretto was born.  During that time there have been many great threats to online business and massive misuse of our personal data, the last 12 months these issues have grown exponentially.

We have seen Google slurping data, malware increasing rapidly, ransomware running rampant, password-managers being compromised, etc. (all reported on in our previous newsletters: https://www.seiretto.com/newsletters/).  More recently the LOG4J exploit was found which is affecting many networks:

As we move forward when processors become faster - using quantum chips - the speed of change will be unrelenting, this will mean even more data will be spilled via new exploits being found and used.  Your data has never been more at risk of exposure.  Now add to this the fact that even an ethical programmer today codes with little regard for any real morals anymore, no doubt driven on by the fact the big companies have been getting away with using and abusing our private data for years, the result of this is: why not? They would/do.

Couple the increased processor speed with improved AI (mostly machine learning) the change to a very new IT landscape is unescapable.   Lets hope the bias added by us humans to the AI does not cause too many issues on the way.

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