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 - Insecure digital locks again.  Is your precious Tesla safe - perhaps not.
 - The perils of forgetting to renew that necessary SSL.

Insecure locks again.  Is your precious Tesla safe - perhaps not.
We have seen how vulnerable domestic home digital locks have proved to be.

Now the digital locks used by Teslas and many other models can be exploited.
More details here:

Another Tesla security issue is the recent update which allows easy starting for the user, but this opens the opportunity for the car to be further compromised:

What to do with a burning crashed Tesla?  Pour lots of water on to it and throw it in a pit.  And that is not a joke. 
The potential of fire when an electric car crashes must be addressed as damaged batteries will often reignite.  To help prevent this some possible changes are suggested here:

The perils of forgetting to renew that necessary SSL.
Last month Microsoft forgot to renew one of their SSLs, we hear from an insider!

It was insider.windows.com which expired.  This caused all sorts of issues for the provider, and is not the first time the department responsible for renewing the SSLs has been caught asleep on the job.  Read more: https://www.theregister.com/2022/06/10/microsoft_insider_certificate/

If you have SSLs, or other products with us, checking renewals is easy.  Login:
and click on the Renewals link.  Also, check/update your contact details too which will mean you will receive email reminders when items are due.  


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