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 - Procedures required to transfer a .GOV.UK domain name
 - Searching, there is more than just Google!

Procedures required to transfer a .GOV.UK domain name


Follow the procedures below to transfer a domain while achieving NO downtime and complete it in the shortest period possible.

The steps required to complete the transfer in good time are:

1. setup a new DNS account, or web hosting account, for the domain name.

2. add DNS, webpages, databases, mailboxes, etc, to your new DNS/web hosting account.

3. test webpages and main parts of website are working, test DNS records are working - this stage is important to ensure the move completes with no downtime
(there is an example of testing DNS here: )

4. inform your new host and JISC you are ready to transfer your domain name in.
Your new host should/will complete the rest for you (we provide you with all the required documentation to ensure your domain is moved to us in good time, while informing you of the progress at each stage).

The whole process can be completed in 48 hours, but is best spread over 7 to 10 days.

Leave the hassle to us: we know how to deal with transfers of .GOV.UK domains having dealt with JISC for 20 years see:

More details on transferring your domain name:

Searching, there is more than just Google!
Google search results are doctored, vetted, and manipulated.  Reasons may vary from monetizing to censorship, but every time your privacy is lost.

On a basic Google search the whole of the top of the page and bottom of the page are completely filled with paid-ads - somewhere in the middle you will find some organic links (results do differ with the search term used), but every time the results are manipulated in such a way as to feed towards Google earning more cash from your visit.  Of course for a search engine/directory to survive it must make a profit (unless funded some other way) so you can expect some ads, but the WHOLE of the TOP PAGE!  What are they thinking?

There are alternatives which do not compromise on your privacy:

Thank you for reading, please let us know if you have any queries or questions?

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