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 - AI - the fallout
 - How to identify fishy emails as PHISHING increases
 - Help with your .GOV.UK domain, for DNS hosting or web and mail hosting let us know.

How to identify fishing emails as PHISHING increases

Phishing methods are being used increasingly to hack your online accounts, from webmail to payment websites. 

Take a look it might just save you next time:

AI - the fallout

Last month we looked at what new tech could bring such as AI and machine learning (ML), and what about the fallout:
$100B wiped off shares with a wrong answer from AI, and that could have just as easily been a life when AI and ML takes the reigns of power.  This is just a simple error which can and will be adjusted; add those potential errors and the huge biases which we as humans add to these systems and the margin for error is too great to apprehend.

AI is and will continue to creep in and be used in decision based environments, such as courts and medical services, and used Worldwide.  Its not difficult to extrapolate who the next victims will be: patients dying, those wrongly imprisoned, etc.  This scenario is also discussed by Bruce Schneier here:

The need for more grey-thinkers in IT, and AI, has never been more important than it is today.

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