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 - Need to register a new .AC.UK domain name?
 - The future use of tech - this is just the beginning
 - Interesting research into Internet connected cars

Need to register a new .AC.UK domain name?
We can register your NEW .AC.UK domain name for your department

Using a .ac.uk domain name will mean your department will benefit from international recognition: for education establishments the trust and credibility can not be matched by any other domain extension.  Read why you should choose a .ac.uk domain name for academic establishments here:

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Existing clients can login and order here: https://seiretto.co.uk/clients/ 

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The future use of tech - this is just the beginning

Drones, we have all now seen them being used in combat with horrendous consequences being controlled remotely by what could be termed toy-soldiers who may, or may not, be thinking its all a game.

Consider this: how would you escape a drone if you were out in the open?  Worse still how would you surrender to a drone?

Read and find out:

Interesting research into Internet connected cars
We have reached a state where computing has become so complex and cross-disciplined (eg. hardware vehicle programmer interfacing with The Internet)  that no single section of knowledge exists within computing which fully understands the whole.

To hold a good in-depth knowledge of all sectors of computing is impossible today.  This single fact means issues will continue to arise, such as insecurities within important technology we use everyday, and this inherent problem will increase in the future.

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