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Government websites - migration to www.GOV.UK during 2014

New changes to
government websites:


Will the changes affect your government department?

.gov.uk domain names

Removal of second level domains (SLD) under .GOV.UK domain, such as cabinetoffice.gov.uk and direct.gov.uk and many more, has been proceeding since 2012.

This migration, as far as we can ascertain, will not affect the majority of the gov.uk domains/hosting we provide as the largest portion are Parish council websites.

It does appear that the changes will affect Local councils, may affect some Borough councils, and is unlikely to affect Parish councils (ref: www.gov.uk/...government-websites-january-2014); this is due to the following fact:

Departments with "...services handling over 100,000 transactions each year..." must migrate their content to www.GOV.UK (ref: www.gov.uk/government/publications/...100000-transactions-each-year).

However, what is a "transaction"? According to the GOV.UK manual it is a process with a user, the whole process from start to finish; it is defined as:

"A transaction is a self-contained process that ’s defined by the service manager, and is typically only completed when a user has been through the whole thing end to end. A transaction completed only partially online means the user may complete a single process within the overall transaction, like booking an appointment or completing a part of an application."
(ref: www.gov.uk/service-manual/...completion-rate.html)

All UK government websites, with over 100,000 transactions each year, will start the migration to www.GOV.UK redesigning their services to fit with the new design protocols. Further criteria is defined here:

"Meeting the Standard will be mandatory for all new and redesigned services handling over 100,000 transactions each year from April 2014" (ref: www.gov.uk/government...july-2013).

The smaller GOV.UK websites will not be affected, as most likely they will not be completing >100,000 transactions per year.

As we host a small number of Borough council domains/websites the migration may affect a few of our clients. Please contact us if you think your .gov.uk domain/website will be affected. Maybe we can help during your transition period.

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