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Sept 2014 - Newsletter
      Seiretto Ltd

Good Afternoon

In this newsletter:
 - Google now preferring SSL on your website!
 - .UK and .London domain name online ordering and whois lookup now available

Google now preferring SSL on your website!
SSL certificates are now preferred by Google.  An SSL will help ensure Google knows your website is legitimate.
Google in its efforts to make the web safer announced last month it is giving preference to secure websites (HTTPS). To benefit websites must have an SSL certificate. SSL certificates are easy to add to a domain and can be setup by us within a few hours.

How an SSL certificate can be of benefit to you and your customers:
- data is protected while transferred from your website to visitors, the SSL certificate encrypts data which makes it safer for your website visitors.
- sensitive data is protected, such as credit card numbers, passwords, etc.
- attract more visitors by gaining precedence in search engine results under Google new measures

Add an SSL certificate now so all your data transferred from your website is encrypted and safe.

Contact us for further details.

.UK and .London domain name online ordering and whois lookup now available
You can now order and check the whois for both .UK and .London domain names on our website.

The whois can be found at:
To order a new .UK or .London domain name login:
then select Order extra Domains

For prices and further details please see:


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