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A survey carried out in July 2014 to find out our most popular services showed that:
  • for our paid services
    our reseller hosting is the most popular, followed closely by our ac.uk and gov.uk hosting.
    survey whois dns lookup - reseller hosting
    Our UK Reseller hosting has proved to be the most popular of our services for over 6 years now.  The high availability and stability helps maintain a great and reliable selling platform that resellers can and do rely upon.

    The number of public sector domain names we host and provide DNS services for has risen dramatically over the last few years.

  • for our free services (provided via our websites)
    WHOIS lookup and DNS lookup services topped as the most used services.

     Most commonly used are the GOV.UK whois lookup and secondly is AC.UK whois lookup.

    The most commonly used DNS services is for GOV.UK DNS lookup and again in second place is AC.UK DNS lookup.

    There is currently a 20 second delay to lookup more than a single domain; however, this does not deter visitors from using the service many times each visit (as of July 2014).

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