Hosting FAQ for web hosting with Seiretto (also see our Domain FAQ)


Managing DNS - can I manage my own domains DNS?
Yes, using your control panel (see: http://seiretto.com/web_hosting/DNS_hosting/), you can add with ease new MX, A and CNAMEs records, a simple example is shown below:

Mail (MX) Records
Prefix TTL Distance Value
  default 0 mail.the--domain.com.

Web Site (A & CNAME) Records
Prefix TTL Type Value
mail default A

Replace the following with your own details:

mail.the--domain.com. is the hostname to point to (note the period [dot] at the end, this is a requirement). is the ip address of the server to send the mail to.

TIP for testing your DNS prior to changing the nameservers:

Open a command prompt and type:

server _IP_
set domain=_YOUR_DOMAIN_

(where _YOUR_DOMAIN_ the domain name being tested, and _IP_ is the ip address of the nameserver where the DNS records are to be stored)

then to test a new sub-domain type in its name, ie. mail (in this case), and it will reply with the new record.

For more details see the videos on seiretto.com/domains/dns/testing/

We provide free DNS hosting for .gov.uk and .ac.uk domains - also, see the .gov.uk domain FAQ, and .ac.uk domain FAQ

We appear to have been black listed by a single spam filter and we are unable to remove the listing until we meet the following criteria: Error: The domain of IP does not match the domain of email ( DOMAIN...)  How can we correct this?
Please add an SPF to your DNS:
(there is an example on that page)
there is also some useful information here:


FAQ Multi-domain hosting


 UK multi-domain hosting account FAQs:

Should I choose multi-domain hosting account?
It is dependant upon your own, and your clients, requirements. If you will be hosting a TLD (.com, .net, .org, etc.) and those sites must show in the UK search results them you must host those sites on a UK server. For further comparisons and reasons why you might choose one location over another please read choosing a hosting location.

Are your hosting accounts hosted in the UK?
YES, the multi-domain hosting and Business hosting accounts are hosted on servers within the UK on our Linux servers.

My webspace usage appears to be increasing - how do I clear out old files/folders?
Your stats/email/and backups can take up space very quickly. To clear out old files take a look at cpanel clearing out old files.

Website stats: How do I give access to my clients? (without giving them cpanel access)
There are various methods you can use. Here is a simple perl script:
Or us a simple PHP script like shown here:

I'd like to know if, with Designer web hosting account, the individual domains would have web mail?
YES, each domain has access to webmail, and you can provide your own domain as access to the webmail for your own clients.

When I want to add other domains, for new websites, which option should I use in the control panel?
To add new domains/websites you would use the Addon Domains page.
There is also some additional information on purchasing domains here:

I have several other domains already registered with another provider, I would like to host these in my Designer account. I understand I need to change the nameservers on each domain, but what do I have to do in my Seiretto account to accommodate the two new domains?
Once the nameservers are changed on the domains, this takes around 2 to 24 hours for Nominet domains (.co.uk, .org.uk and .me.uk) or 24 to 48 hours for most other domains, you should add them as a new Addon domain using your control panel. Further details are provided in the video tutorials on the addon domain page.

Essentially I am unable to change the nameservers so need to point "WWW" of a new domain to a new addon account. So can I use an "A record" to point to the reseller servers' IP address?
No, but you can create a CNAME within the DNS of the domain (contact your registrar for details on how to create the CNAME).

For this to work it must be the MAIN domain on the Designer account
(the domain name you used when completing the order).

Get your domain registrar to create a new CNAME within the DNS of the domain like this:

www IN CNAME swebhosting.co.uk.

(don't forget the dot at the end of the domain!)

Then any traffic to the new domain will appear correctly as expected in the browser address bar (it will not display swebhosting.co.uk).

How do I unlock FTP?
Login cpanel (you can retrieve the details by logging in here: https://www.seiretto.co.uk/clients/ When logged in: select the domain from Your web hosting accounts list and the required details will be displayed)
When logged in to cpanel select "FTP Enforcer" within the Security section, and follow the on screen prompts.  Whitelisting in FTP Enforcer - this requires your ip address [whatismyip] it is often best to just open FTP Enforcer for a period of time rather than whitelisting your ip as your ip is likely to change.  For more details on FTP also see: FTP FAQ.

How do I transfer files securely via FTP to my websites?
Using FileZilla (our supported ftp client) via the Site Manager select "FTPES" (Require Explicitly FTP over SSL) see: filezilla-secure-ftp-connection. When you connect you will need to confirm you trust the Unknown certificate which is a wildcard SSL certificate.

How do I change the mail filter/spam prevention on Designer/multi-domain hosting account?
You can change the setting for span detection in cpanel (search for spam), once on the spam prevention page check the "Customised Settings" box and reduce the:
 "Consider mail 'Spam' when Score is >="
value by 1 to start with, that should have a noticeable effect.


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FAQ general web hosting




Do you provide webmail?
Yes, all accounts have access to webmail

How can I pay?
We accept payment via any method, please see: https://www.seiretto.co.uk/bespokepayment/ 
Most of our goverment and university clients pay via bank transfer and order using PO, on the checkout you just enter your PO number and that will be added to the invoice automatically. This ties up each order/renewal, we also provide 30 days to pay from the renewal date as per details:
The payment due dates are always clearly shown on each invoice.

When I purchase a domain name from Seiretto is the domain name mine?
and we can assist at anytime to transfer to another host if you wish.

If I buy a small business account will this be on a server in the UK?
YES, all small business accounts are hosted within the UK on our shared servers.

Is it possible to start with a Small Business hosting pack and upgrade later?
. Upgrade at any time.

Which accounts provide PHP and database?
There are two options open to you:

    Small Business or Premier hosting account, details here:
    PHP hosting
         (transfer in of your existing domain is free on this type of account), OR
    Designer account, details here:
    Reseller hosting
    These require a little more knowledge to run as you manage the domains/accounts (adding and deleting).

How do I transfer my existing domain name to you?
You would need to change the nameservers on your existing domain, you can find details on how to complete this here:

If I need to have an MX record added to a domain is this possible?
Yes, add the record yourself, see DNS management which is included on all dedicated servers, Small Business and Premier accounts.

How do I administer my databases?
We provide you with a control panel where you are able to easily create tables, insert data, execute SQL queries, etc. 

How many databases can I have on my web site?
Upto ten databases per domain name.

How do I backup my online database?
Online using your control panel where you then have access to phpMyAdmin.

Secure Server Access - what type do you provide?
Personal (https://[your-domain]) or shared SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which allows the collection of sensitive data such as credit card information from browsers via a strongly encrypted connection.

What happens after the first year of hosting?
Before the renewal is due you will receive an email notifying you that renewals are due on your account. We automatically send out renewal notices 90, 26, and 7 days prior to any renewal due (domain name and/or web hosting account). The notification is sent to the email address recorded within the members area as the contact for the site. To cancel a renewal we must receive notification from you 30 days before the due date.

What happens if I exceed my bandwidth allocation?
If you do go over the limit we contact you, but it is very unlikely you will exceed your limit, web pages are very small and because web browsers store local copies of graphics and other page elements you can have tens of thousands of page views per GB per month.

How do I login to my control panel?
Go here and login: https://seiretto.co.uk/clients/
(if you have lost/forgotten your login details use this send a new password page)
When logged in:
1. select the relevant domain and click the button "Get Details" (top right)
2. then click the control panel link shown on the right
(also the original control panel username and password will be shown on the right).








File Transfer Protocol FAQs

How do I unlock FTP?
FTP is locked by default, you need to unlock it, see unlocking FTP

When I try to use FTP I get a error message: "maximum number of connections has been exceeded"!  Why is this?
This is usually caused by a poor connection from your computer to the server (open connections are left hanging waiting to complete a failed transfer... until they timeout). To help reduce this issue ensure you have the "Maximum simultaneous transfers" set low within your ftp client; try reducing it to just 2. Then each transfer will complete quicker and overall FTP will run faster.

How do I transfer files to my web site?
Files are usually transferred to your new web site using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).  If you need an FTP program, then we recommend the Open Source FTP client: FileZilla
(this program can be used for both dedicated servers and shared accounts).

To install and use FileZilla:

  1. Download: http://filezilla.sourceforge.net/Install - accept all defaults (no special selections required)For the following you will require: 
    a. FTP Host Name
    b. FTP Username
    c. FTP Password
    You can retrieve these details by logging in here:
    When logged in:
    select the domain from Your web hosting accounts list
    and the required details will be displayed.
  2. Connecting your remote website: start FileZilla and you will see along the top, just beneath the main menu, the following input boxes:
    1. AddressUser
    2. Password

    For the Address:  enter your FTP Host Name
    For the User:  enter your FTP Username
    For the Password:  enter your FTP Password

    Then click the "Quickconnect" button.If you have followed the above details correctly you should be presented with your website folders and files within the right central window.

    To upload files from your computer to your website, all you need to do is drag-n-drop the required folders/files from the left central window the right central window.


    1. Remember: when using FileZilla highlight a file and right click your mouse to find out what you can do with it.  Do not forget to upload files to the "public_html" folder.
    2. If you have several websites to manage then you can setup each website within FileZilla by selecting from the main menu: File|Site Manager... (when adding a new site for Logontype ensure you select Normal)
      Select "Don't save password" - enter the password each time you use FTP, this way the password will not be stored on your computer and is not a potential security issue.

FAQ email

Email FAQs:

How do I reduce the spam we receive in some of our mailboxes?
Unfortunately spam with malware attached is increasing (see spam with attachments).  This malware is big business and is worth the senders spending a great deal of resources/money in attempts to get it through (once malware is executed on a computer that machine is likely to become part of an illegal multi-million pound industry).
Spam-detectors are continually playing catch-up with the new methods these malware distributors use, and at times are unfortunately one step behind.
There are some things you can do:
1. Do not use generic mail alias, such as "info@", "sales@", etc. - these are used as the defaults by the spammers.
2. Save your data while using a mobile-connection, set your email to download headers only, this means you can delete them from the server  if they are spam.
3. Change your mail filters.
Finally, if you have an email address which is continually being spammed (ie. it is known to be in many spam databases), you might consider removing it, and redirecting to a new box for a while then removing the redirect once all your contacts know your new email.

How do I setup my email?
The setup depends on the account type you have - see below.
During your setup please remember you can access your email at anytime via webmail: http://www.seiretto.com/webmailmain/
Secure settings for your POP3/IMAP email within Outlook (and most other email clients):

For Designer/multi-domain hosting, and Starter, Small Business and Premier OPTIMUM accounts: 
         login to cpanel, then
click on "Email Accounts"
             click "Connect Devices" next to the relevant mailbox (if no mailbox exists, create one)

If you are having difficulty connecting the please use:
     Incoming Server: rs04.uk-noc.com
        IMAP Port: 993 POP3 Port: 995
    Outgoing Server: rs04.uk-noc.com
        SMTP Port: 465

My emails sent to Hotmail, and some other "free" email address, are not reaching the recipient. What can I do?
This is an increasingly common problem. These providers are constantly bombarded by spam, and often used by spammers to send emails. The efforts used by the email providers to reduce such abuse is causing increasing problems for many hosts and their clients. The best form of action you can do is to inform the user of the email to add your email address to their "safe lists".

Below are the methods which the recipient should use to add an email address to a safe list for:
  • Hotmail - add to "Safe list"

    • AOL - add to "People I know"Google mail - add to "Contacts" MSN - add to "Safe list"
    • Yahoo - add to "Filter"

      For other providers not listed please contact the recipient to ask them to contact their provider for details.

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If you have a question that is not answered here please contact us and we will endeavour to answer it as soon as possible.

FAQ email passwords

Email FAQs:

How do I change my email password?

Starter, Small Business and Premier account holders:

To set or retrieve your email password all you need to do is login: https://seiretto.co.uk/clients/login/
then select the relevant domain and click the button "Get Details" top right.

On that page on the right: note down the username and password (move your cursor into the password box to reveal it).  Then click "Control panel" link on the right, and login.

Once logged into the control panel click the "Mail Boxes" icon, and cursor down the page to view the password you previously set, or change the mail password to a new one and click "Modify".

Designer account holders:

To set or retrieve your email password all you need to do is login: https://seiretto.co.uk/clients/login/
then select the relevant domain and click the button "Get Details" top right.

On that page on the right: note down the username and password (move your cursor into the password box to reveal it).  Then click CPANEL link on the right, and login.

Once logged into cpanel click the "Email Accounts" icon, and then the "Change Password" link. 

FAQ mobiles


Mobile computing FAQs:

How do I setup my mobile device to use your email to send and receive?

This is relatively simple, especially if you have already setup your email on your main computer (see email config). Configuration details are as follows:

Username: [full email address]
Password: [same as webmail]

Incoming Mail Server: mail.YOUR--DOMAIN.com
Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.YOUR--DOMAIN.com (or mail.YOUR--DOMAIN.com)
              (server requires authentication) port 26

Supported Incoming Mail Protocols: POP3
Supported Outgoing Mail Protocols: SMTP
(IMAP is also supported on our Designer accounts)

A few things to note for most mobile email client setups:

1. Do NOT enter a domain name in the "domain" entry box (if this exists)
2. In the "options" section, set the outgoing mail requires authentication.
3. Finally to save on mobile connection costs, in the "options" section select to"Get message headers only" and set it to include upto 20KB (this prevents wasted connection time downloading large attachments which for the most part can not be properly viewed on a mobile anyhow).

There is also specific access on some of our accounts for mobile phones please see webmail.



If you have a question that is not answered here please contact us and we will endeavour to answer it as soon as possible.

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