Unmanaged VPS and managed VPS (virtual private servers)

VPS virtual-private-servers
VPS systems are now mature, the earlier years showed some major issues these have now been overcome making a VPS viable for any small to medium sized business.

Each VPS can be provided with a control panel (cpanel or plesk) which simplifies the management of your websites.

Our entry level VPS systems, both managed (where both hardware and all software is managed by us) and unmanaged (where only the hardware is managed by us), provide at least 30GB of webspace and include at least 900GB of data transfer per month (unlimited on the unmanaged VPS).

What is a  VPS?

A VPS provides your own server environment much like a dedicated server (a VPS is also referred to as a VDS: virtual dedicated server) where you have FULL CONTROL of the server environment including the option of root access if required (read more at wikipedia VPS).  There are many good and bad points to consider.  The advantages will outweigh the disadvantages for many small businesses which are all to often price conscious when planning the new or progressing web project...

Some basic advantages and disadvantages are listed below:

  • Lower costs over a dedicated server
  • Your VPS will always have its separate share of the hardware: memory, CPU, webspace
  • You can configure the os as per your own requirements
  • Install any custom applications you wish
  • Increased responsibility
  • It is shared, there will be others on the same physical machine
  • Disc input and output can be negatively affected if applications require high volume writes and reads

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