Procedure to transfer your pre-registered domain name

Quite often you will not need to transfer your domain from your existing domain name registrar to move to a new web hosting provider. All you may need to do is change the nameservers the domain uses.

When you order a new web hosting account from us we send you full details on all the steps required to move your website and ensure down-time is kept to a minimum by putting in place all the requirements for your website and email, and providing you methods to test this BEFORE you move.

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Please note:  Its your old host/registrar and/or yourself that must initiate a transfer (this all depends on where and when the domain was first registered, and the type of domain [eg. or .com]).  We will create your web space, making it ready for your domain to be moved to us.  You should clarify details of the transfer from your old host/registrar before purchasing a web hosting account from us. 

Steps to move your pre-registered domain to us:

  1. Create an account with us at least 10 days prior to the old web hosting account and domain expiring
  2. Setup your new web site with us, then upload your web site files and folder to the new web space.  We provide you with sub domains for each existing domain being transferred to us, this enables you to test your web site prior to moving in your existing domain
  3. When your website is setup with us change the nameservers - these are shown when you login to your members area:
    When logged in:
    select the relevant domain and click the button "Get Details" (top right)
    and the nameservers will be shown on the right of the page.

.CO.UK and .COM domain names you can query the WHOIS here to check the current nameservers

.GOV.UK domain names you can query the GOV.UK WHOIS here to check the current nameservers

.AC.UK domain names you can query the AC.UK WHOIS here to check the current nameservers


Now that you are sure of how to transfer to us its time to order your webspace!

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