Advantages of using webmail - the pros and cons of reading and sending emails through a browser

What is webmail? Internet based email, usually accessed via a web browser.
For a more indepth description see: webmail

Advantages of using WEB-MAIL

  • Easy to access your mailbox to read and send emails from anywhere in the World. This means you can still run your business while on holiday or simply away from the office.

  • No configuration or additional software required, just an Internet browser.

  • Using our webmail you will not be presented with any adverts on pages next to your emails which will slow-down the loading and reading of your emails; and we do not read your emails.
    Did you know that when you use Google/Yahoo, or many of the other no-cost online email providers, that your emails are parsed (checked through) to build a profile of your likes and dislikes enabling them to send you targeted adverts.

  • Today's webmail is as good as most mail clients (eg. Outlook), providing the ability to add rich text and attach documents.

Disadvantages of using WEB-MAIL

  • If you want a copy of the emails you are sending when you get back to the office on your computer (eg. Outlook) then you must remember to copy (cc [carbon copy], or bcc [blind carbon copy]) yourself in on the replies.

  • You require a reasonable Internet constant connection.
  • you will not have a backup/copy of the emails received and sent.

Web-mail access is provided on all our web hosting accounts.


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