Operating a Mailing List

We do allow the use of email mailing lists on Designer accounts though there are some conditions in place.

We do allow the use of email mailing lists though there are some conditions in place as set out below. We recommend the use of a mailing list application called Dada Mail due to its large amount of features, ease of use and server resource usage (e.g. ability to 'batch send'). Operating mailing lists using a basic home made script or a non mailing list application (e.g. forum application 'Email All' feature) are not recommended due to the lack of options and flexibility with these methods.

Anyone operating a mailing list should first pay careful attention to our Terms and Conditions and ensure that all mailing lists comply with the rules set out below.


It goes without saying that our servers are not to be used to send spam email (unsolicited bulk email).

NO Safelists or Purchased lists

We do not allow 'safe lists' or other similar schemes whereby advertisers trade email contacts. In addition to this, the vast majority of email address lists available for sale on the internet as 'legitimate opt-in lists of contacts who have agreed to be sent advertising emails' are fake and will lead to large numbers of spam reports. Therefore, we do not allow the use of these purchased lists - all addresses on a mailing list must agree to be sent emails specifically with the website sending the emails.

MUST BE Double Opt-In

An opt-in method of list subscription is where the subscriber asks to be put on the list, for example, by entering their email address in a website form to become subscribed.

We require that list administrators employ double opt-in methods whereby the subscriber has to authorise being added to the list after submitting their email address. This usually takes the form of an automated email being sent to the address submitted where a link needs to be clicked to confirm the subscription.

Not only does this get extra confirmation from the client, it also ensures that the email address is valid (avoiding problems with email bounces when sending to the list) and also that the email address is owned by the person subscribing (avoiding problems with people entering addresses not owned by them on website forms).

List administrators are also asked to keep evidence/logs of the date and method that subscribers agreed to be included in the mailing list.

MUST CONTAIN Unsubscribe Instructions

All emails sent to the mailing list must contain clear instructions for unsubscription, i.e. not tiny text or otherwise hidden away within the email content . At a minimum, subscribers should be able to unsubscribe at any time by emailing to request this with unsubscription requests processed in a timely fashion.

We strongly recommend that list administrators implement an automated weblink unsubscription whereby all mailings contain a "click here to unsubscribe" link which will allow the user to be removed from the list in one click with no human intervention. This will also allow us to process unsubscriptions if any subscribers send in spam complaints and be more reliable as most do not feel comfortable replying to an email they consider as unwanted.

We do not force list administrators to use a weblink method of unsusbscription, but should any list generate regular spam complaints we do reserve the right to insist on this method of unsubscription for future mailings on our server.

MUST BE Single Opt-Out

We ask that those operating mailing lists allow unsubscriptions (opt-outs) with no email confirmation or other additional tasks required by those unsubscribing. If a subscriber clicks the unsubscribe link or requests unsubscription, their email address should then be removed from the database with no email confirmation or other tasks required.

NO Mailing List-only Hosting

Mailing lists in use which send mailings primarily advertising/promoting a website not hosted with us are not permitted.

We offer the feature of being able to operate mailing lists as an addon service to our primary service of website hosting. If a website is hosted with a different web host we will not be able to permit the hosting of a mailing list for that website and we recommend that the same hosting company who hosts the website is also used to host the mailing list.

Reasons for email

We recommend that all mailings contain clear information detailing who the email is from and why the subscriber is being sent it (e.g. because the subscriber asked to be kept informed via the list).

Also, in order to help greatly if spam complaints do occur, we ask that the subscriber's email address is included as text somewhere within the email. This is done so we know who the complaint is from and it can be put in the email headers, within the content or embedded within the unsubscribe link (preferred method) or elsewhere in the email. This is because most blacklist notifications remove the sender's email address which prevents us from knowing which email address needs to be removed from the database.


An example of a mailing list email which complies with the above requirements is shown below:

Joe Bloggs,
--------------This email is being sent to you ([email protected]) because you are subscribed to the 'New Products' mailing list operated by The Online Clothing Company after submitting the subscription form on our website (http://www.clothingcompany.com) and verified the email address.
If you wish to unsubscribe, please click here: http://www.clothingcompany.com/[email protected]
** mailing list email content here **
--------------The operator of this mailing list can be contacted as shown below:
The Online Clothing Company, Address, Phone Number
If you wish to unsubscribe from future mailings, please click here: http://www.clothingcompany.com/[email protected]
To alter your subscription options please click here:http://www.clothingcompany.com/[email protected]

The guidelines above should result in no (or very few) problems relating to spam reports being sent by receivers of email they consider as spam which by law we are required to investigate with utmost urgency. Despite the above we maintain the right to suspend or impose additional requirements on any mailing list which generates a large number of abuse complaints in order to keep the server from being blacklisted and causing email problems for all other clients.

Thank you for your co-operation

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