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Improve your rankings on Google

There are vast numbers of sites offering all sorts of means to help you achieve a number one position on google.  You should steer clear of many of these companies as the methods used can eventually lead to your web site being banned from search engine indexes.

We do not condemn or commend any particular method used by SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) company, but in this document we aim to point out the positive methods that should be employed to achieve a good ranking on Google.

The elements google considers import on your web pages

Using our own research on google's algorithms we conclude:

  • Actual page content.  Good content will increase your ranking.  More good relevant content will mean more visitors and more pages viewed as your visitors find value in your content.  Eventually this leads to other sites linking to your pages.

  • What's in your TITLE?  Probably the most important text on a page is that between the title tags (<title>).  Whatever keywords or phrases you place here must also appear on the visible page content as seen by googlebots (more about googlebots).   Also,  if the same keywords or phases appear on other sites (having a reasonable ranking) as the linking text to your site then the relevancy is increased, and even better if the keywords or phrases appear in your domain name and/or folder names.

    You can find further details on the importance of page titles at:


  • Keyword density is not as important as many report to be. Working to attain a good keyword density maybe not worth a great deal of effort for the low returns on time spent changing your pages.  However, it is worth taking the time to make your pages content rich - attempting to fool google will only provide short term rewards (adding hidden text, etc.), eventually your pages and or domain could become banned from the index.

  • Keyword relevance - this will be enhanced by the keywords used in the return links from other sites.

 eg: <a href="http://Your--domain.com">Keyword1 keyword2 keyword3</a>

This is very important, and will effect your ranking and keyword association.  Other factors taken into account are file and folder names, and domain name.  Including many keywords within your domain name and HTML file names as well as folder names can help increase keyword relevance.
Our SEO program details this and will ensure you get listed in Google.

  • Reliable server - good uptime is essential. If googlebot attempt to trawl your website only to find it is not there (server down) then it will return later, but if it is unavailable too often you could get black listed. Ensure you host with a robust and reliable host (for our unlimited data transfer options please see our managed servers).

  • Stable content and content refresh - avoid using the meta tag http-equiv="refresh", to forward old pages to new locations, also avoid JavaScript to attain the same result.  Googlebots are unable to follow these links and will just find an empty page but find their stored link now goes elsewhere.  This results in the page being dropped.  Plan your sites pages (file and folder names) and stick to them.  Its good practice to add pages to your site but maintain the original pages and structure, and to refresh the content on those original pages.

  • Don't be mislead!   Viewing your competitors source code (HTML) - for NO apparent reason some web sites appear to be listed at the top of google when searching on popular search terms.  On closer inspection the source code has nothing particular that should make it more relevant than other pages, and checking the ranking and links back to the pages from other sites (check links within google and external links to a page here) there appears to be very few.  Its likely that the company has made a payment to google to get to the top for the competitive words - very confusing when attempting to make comparisons, and this has lead to many others to false conclusions!  Google state on their site that they do not take payments to boost sites to the top for particular keywords but this can be challenged.  Google is a commercial enterprise, so long as your site is relevant to the required keywords then a 50k offering for a top listing for a short period could not be refused commercially.

Boosting your web sites' rankings

To attain a good ranking a web site requires links in from other well ranked sites that are related in content. It is important to get listed on other sites with good rankings.  Getting listed on other commercial sites, or search engines and directories will help push your rankings up. Try our SEO program which will ensure you get listed in Google.

Finally, a large resource to keep you occupied for many hours is: searchenginewatch.com

Follow the details above and eventually your site should start to rise through the ranks - but this will take time, effort and financial investment.  The costs to achieve a good ranking and targeted traffic to your web site can be as low as 50 to 100 per year.  If you have a VERY large budget you could try approaching google with your bid for a top keyword but even then the ROI may not be worth the outlay...


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