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EMAIL: What to do if your email is compromised or spoofed and sending malware

Have you, or someone else, received an email that looks like it has come from you?  And you did not send it?  Then either your mailbox is compromised or the email may have been spoofed (where the email address is forged, see: wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_spoofing).

Did you know that Malware distributors are quite keen to gain access to your mailbox.  WHY?
It is the easiest and most productive method for them to send out malware and malicious web-links; recipients trust emails from you so they instantly open them.

How to check if your mailbox is compromised
The email you might have received could have been spoofed.  Most often the malware-distributors just spoof the mail address when sending.
There is a simple check you can do yourself here:
paste in the header from an email and you will see the origin (scroll down that page).
To copy an email header: within your mail client select view "Message source", copy the section from the top: "From - " until the line: "Content-Type:".

However, if you consider your account is compromised you should immediately change ALL passwords: mailboxes, control panel, htaccess (if used), etc.

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