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Backup now, you should retain your own independent backup

Maintaining a secure and reliable backup is very important for your business. Below we outline how to backup your website, the procedures are shown for ALL types of hosting accounts from a basic Starter account upto a stand alone dedicated server.

HOW TO BACKUP your web hosting account and custom DNS with Seiretto:

Premier/Small Business and Starter accounts:
login: https://ssl.extendcp.co.uk/ then visit the backup page and follow the details given. To backup your database visit the databases page and scroll down the page and click the backup buttons next to each database.

UK DESIGNER accounts:
use the backup wizard in the control panel: http://swebhosting.co.uk:2082/ Login then select backup and follow the details given.

Backup can be added to any VPS, please see the additional options here:

Backup can be added to any of our hybrids, please see the additional options here:

Dedicated server:
Backup is included 

If you do not know what this is then you will not need it.  You can look up your DNS here: http://www.seiretto.com/domains/dns/
You should double check you have the required DNS within your backup - if not then we suggest you use the relevant control panel to backup the DNS records from the actual DNS editoring page (where you originally modified your DNS records).

Login to the control panel (where you originally modified your DNS records), select the domain you need to backup and save that page - finally check the page you have saved has the correct information. Repeat the same for each domain.

If you are using cPanel, then once a cPanel backup has been created you will find the zone files in the dnszones directory.

If you have problems with any backup please let us know by sending us a support request, login:
When logged in:
1. select the relevant domain and click the button "Get Details" (top right)
2. then click the link "Helpdesk for [domain name]..." (bottom left)



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