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APRIL FOOLS - which we have sent to clients...

April 1st:

Shutdown of servers for 7 days from midnight tonight due to cleaning

Due to a government request all our servers will be taken off-line at midnight tonight for cleaning. This is a new directive from the government in hope that the dusting-down of the outside of all servers will result in any malware being found hiding in the dust.

This is a thorough clean and will take 7 days. All websites will be offline for this period. Please consult with your local MP if you regard this as excessive.


April 1st:

New Top Level Domain Extension Is Catching Fire

Great news!

TLD (Top Level Domain) Extensions such as .com, .net and .org for the majority have been exhausted - there are very few names left available; with the addition of .biz, .name and .info the situation was temporarily eased.

This is no longer a issue, as we are now able to offer other NEW TLD Extensions for qualifying companies.

We are able to offer the new TLD Extension .seiretto has this company has been a recognised Internet player since 1996 and have now surpassed the 7 year INRR (Internet Naming Recognition Regulator www.inrr.co.uk) as defined in 2001 for Internet TLD Extensions by INRR.

This NEW .seiretto domain name TLD Extensions is to be offered at £1 UK Pound per year.

All reserved names will be placed on a first come first served basis.

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