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Below are tips & tricks and helpful hints issued by Seiretto on PHP, MySQL
and other Internet related issues useful to Internet developers and marketeers

The documents with a .pdf file extension are Adobe Acrobat format, for which the viewer is available from: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/  
To save any of .pdf files: right click on the link and select Save Target As...

Tips & Tricks

Helpful Hints

How to reduce spam and welcome the search engine web bots.php
(18th Aug 2003)
Web bots - how to reduce spam and welcome the search engine creepy crawlies.

Implementing P3P privacy policy.pdf
(size: 27k, date: 30th Aug 2001)

Implementing P3P privacy policy - ignore it and it could mean the loss of a large amount of Internet traffic to your web site!

Tracking which pages your customers have viewed.php
(25th Sept 2003)

Tracking your customers through your web site.  Which pages did that new customer view prior to buying?

Meta tags revisited.pdf
(size: 24k, date: 27th Nov 2001)

Meta tags revisited - optimise your pages for search engine submissions.

Methods and tips to improve your ranking on Google.php
(27th Oct 2003)

There are vast numbers of companies offering to optimise your web site to get you to the top of google but what works and what doesn't?

Accepting online payments.php
(18th Aug 2003)
Accepting online payments via credit card.  How safe are you as the owner of the online shop?

Make your osCommerce web site search engine friendly
(21st Nov 2003)
Optimisation of osCommerce for Google and other search engines.  We show you how to help ensure your dynamic web pages get indexed by Google and other search engines, and we also show you how to add meta tag keywords.

Viruses - how to avoid and recognise within emails.php
(25th Sept 2003)
a quick guide on how to avoid and detect viruses

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